Morning Glory Memory Keeper

Author: Della Goldsworth
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 9781545189122
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#1 Bestseller! The Morning Glory Memory Keeper is the first book of its kind, and it is a vital tool for maintaining your dignity, happiness, and comfort. This is a workbook for you to fill out personally or for your loved one.

The Pacific Rural Press And California Farmer

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Memory also being busy amongst the o: of the past. ... Man, born in the image of
his God, an heir to immortal life and the glories of heaven, and yet writing a
record in his book of life, ... It was morningthe sun beaming in splendor
amongst the foot-hills of the Sierras—a fond husband kissed a good-bye to his
beautiful and dutiful wife. ... The bar keeper's bludgeon has given thee ... To give
you a history of what and whom we meet with, even for one day, would occupy
your whole paper.

The Illustrated London News

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Mr. Sala has improved upon the ordinary routine of visitors to the “avuncular
relative” by putting himself “up the spout.” . ... chambre, Napoleon in private life
being in some respects a more pleasing spectacle than Napoleon on the throne.
... In 4/7 the World Orer we note the continuation of Ambrose Heath's pretty story,
with some excellent sketches of travel. ... to the Corporation Library, which is
open from ten in the morning till nine at night, and yet it is conspicuous for its

Los Angeles Magazine

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Together, they built a life of drinking and smoking and bickering, a union of
paranoia and necessity With folding grocery cart in tow, they imagined threats
and invented routines, their antics sometimes inspiring delight, ... The story,
whatever course it might take, promised to be troublesome, the protagonists
blemished, maybe even ... It is hard to begrudge recovery l(et in the rush to
upgrade, something is inevitably erased: the layers of history and memory the
creases and wrinkles, ...

Forest And Stream

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the lamp, while the Captain produced from the hatcliway a large, covered tin box,
which,_ on being opened, disclosed several ... application to regular routine of
business, reinforced by unusual cares, having succeeded in establishing their
first ... It is the story of this flight which is offered to other weary workers, that they,
too, may appreciate the fact in its best senses ... We could see the Life-Saving
Stations, away to the east and west, with their sleepless patrol pacing the sandy