Encyclopedia Of American Farm Implements Antiques

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Shown here is the company's 1914 version of the Clark thresher. Herman Cook,
Sioux City, Iowa From the May 1908 issue of American Thresherman comes an
illustration of Cook's Auto-Thresher. It was intended to be a self- contained unit,
complete with its own engine and traction wheels. Several different “auto-
threshers” appeared about this time, but none of them achieved popularity.
Cripple's Revenge Thresher Co., LaCrosse, Wisc. In a 1901 issue of American
Thresherman is ...

Miscellaneous Publication

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American sugar cane league of the U. S. A. See Sugar bulletin. American
Swedish monthly (Swedish chamber of commerce of the U. S. A.) New York. 405
Lexington Avenue. 286.8 SW3 American telephone and telegraph company. See
Bell system technical journal. American thoroughbred breeders association. See
Blood-horse. American thresherman. See Farm power (Continuation of American
thresherman). American tree association. See Forestry news digest. American
trucking ...

Catalog Of Copyright Entries

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15, no. 9. Mar. 2, 1907. American telephone journal co., New York, N. Y. B
139793, Mar. 4, 1907. — v. 15, no. 10. Mar. 9, 1907. American telephone journal
co., New York, N. Y. B 140082, Mar. 11, 1907. — v. 15, no. 11. Mar. 16, 1907.
American telephone journal co., New York, N. Y. B 140400, Mar. 19, 1907. — v.
15, no. 12. Mar. 23, 1907. American telephone journal co., New York, N. Y. B
140753, Mar. 26, 1907. AMERICAN THRESHERMAN. v. 9, no. 11. Mar., 1907. 2
c. Mar. 8, 1907.

Catalog Of Copyright Entries

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American monthly magazine, v. 30, no. 3. Mar., 1907. 2 c. Mar. 15, 1907. [2353 v.
30, no. 4. Apr., 1907. 2 с. Apr. 1, 1907. National society Daughters of the
American revolution, Washington, D. C. В 134449-134450, Jan. 5, 1907.
American monthly ... American thresherman. v. 9, no. 11. Mar., 1907. 2 c. Mar. 8,
1907. [2370 v. 9, no. 12. Apr., 1907 . 2 с. Mar. 29, 1907. The American
thresherman, Madison, Wis. В 130115-130116, Jan. 2, 1907. American woman's
home journal, v. 5, no. 11.

The Threshermen S Review

Author: Power farming
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In reading the clumsily woven tissue of fact and fancy printed under the first
above heading in the last issue of The American Thresherman. we were
immediately and very strongly reminded of a creature of which most of our
readers have often read. more extended and unqualified state~ ments of its
willingness to stand by the Association of the Southwest in the matter of its
convention date. And those letters are absolutely sincere. The Threshermen's
Review is now just as willing to ...

Current Advertising

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Somebody, who conceals his identity under the easy-going pen name of Uncle
Silas, either because he thinks it is humorous or because he has some good
reason for concealing his identity, has captured some of the stationery of the
trade paper known as the American Thresherman, published in Madison, Wis.,
and is having a lot of fun with it. It is not fair to assume that the American
Thresherman is having the fun itself, for the reason that the letter widely
circulated on the stationery ...

Full Steam Ahead

Author: David Erb
Publisher: Amer Society of Agricultural
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American Machinist June 29, 1899. The American Thresherman Editorial Depart.
"Traction Engine Troubles." The American Thresherman (1909). Case Eagle 4 (
1921). . 6 (1923). . 6 (1923). . 7 (1924). . 15 (1932). Dolnar, Hugh. Cycle and
Automobile Trade Journal 13 (1908). Durgin, E. R. 77?e Case Eagle 32 (1948): 4
-5. Early, J. "Swords and Plowshares." Barron's, The National Financial Weekly
January 26, 1942. Giddings, C. M. "Development of the Traction Engine in